Art Challenge: 30-Day Drawing Challenge

All right, so I have been toying with this idea on and off for the longest time, but there was just something inside of me that told me not to even try, because I’ll eventually get lazy and not finish it. But since it is a new year and I am planning to get a lot of my creative juices on paper (and hopefully share the experience with you), I am finally up for doing this challenge!

I have thought about planning this challenge, in case I lose some inspiration. I thought, ‘well, maybe I am going to need a prompt list, kind of like Inktober, since I don’t know if I am going to be able to keep drawing interesting things’. I searched up a bunch of prompts but none of them really sparked my creativity. It was on the night of 14th January that I thought of The Sketchbook Slam Challenge (which is another art challenge that I would like to accomplish in the future). Fearing possible failure, since I haven’t built up my drawing stamina (and yes, that is a thing), I thought of building myself up to the challenge. You gotta learn how to crawl before you start running, they say. This differs with the person, of course; some can just go do a whole 365-day challenge, whilst others try a week. In the night of January 14, I started getting excited about the prospect of a new project, all the new materials that I could buy (sketchbooks galore, yas! …no, Mia, you have enough paper and materials to do this challenge without buying unnecessary things.), all the things that I would come up with. Here’s what I plan to do:

30 Day Art Challenge

  • Main goal and, personally, the main challenge: Finish the challenge.
  • What: Free-hand, loose sketches, abstract and figurative art, poetry
  • With: Materials already at my disposal
  • Why: practice variations on one good idea, flesh out ideas instead of leaving them as sketches, learn to confidently put things on paper, even the less beautiful ones, build drawing stamina
  • When: When exams are over, downtime, moments when I find myself wasting my time away on social media
  • How: Fill at least three pages a day

I don’t really plan on waiting for a new month to pass to make it ‘official’, because: one, I already have the materials on hand, so what am I waiting for?, and two, why wait to start and bubble up with excitement for so long when you can start now? This last statement sounds contradictory to the ‘when’ in the list above, since I mentioned that I will be waiting until my exams are over, but exams are exams and I know myself all too well: when I get in my zone, I want to stay in my zone.

I plan to do a weekly update on this blog just to share the feels that I get whilst doing this challenge and you can feel with me. You can read the post, look at the drawings, comment your thoughts below, I reply, we can have a laugh or a cry or a talk, it will be a great time. So! I can’t wait to see what this project will bring, and I cannot wait to share this with you!

EDIT: During my exams, I did try and start the 30-day challenge. What I have figured out is that I am currently switching my art preference, sometimes abstract, other times figurative. Here are some of my works during the past couple of days:

I am planning to do the challenge a little bit more seriously now, since I`ve finally got some time! Hope you stop by to see new bits and bobs soon!

Fxxylxy, signing off.